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Hello, I’m Md Jamil, a committed engineer who discovered the field of investment to be his actual love. My professional experience is in engineering, but my passion and area of specialty are finance. I specialize in offering helpful technical analysis support to retail investors, directing them toward portfolio growth and dependable stock market profitability. Since I started trading stocks in India in 2012, I’ve come to strongly believe in the value of comprehending price action. I firmly believe that understanding market movements via this prism can give investors the information they need to make wise and strategic decisions.


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Master proven techniques to make informed decisions and maximize profits.

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I Develop Skills Regularly to Keep Me Updated

Learn technical analysis techniques from our website to gain a competitive edge in financial markets.


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Unlock market insights in my client zone. Expert technical analysis tailored for success. Elevate your strategy with personalized guidance

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

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Enhance your stock trading skills Stay ahead of the game with our expert technical analysis for stock trading

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Positional Investors

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Discover the benefits of long-term investing in stocks with our comprehensive guide for positional investors.

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Join our exclusive stock calls group and stay ahead of the market with timely and accurate investment recommendations.

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Open an IIFL DMAT account today and start investing in stocks, mutual funds, and more. the smart way to manage your investments.

Shariah Screener

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Discover the best Sharia-compliant stocks. Find ethical investment options with our Sharia Screener.


What My Clients Say

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“amazing….you are just too good with charts..ur quality work time and again reminds me the importance of knowing technicals”. I strongly recommends your T.A. Course so as everyone can learn stock trading and protect his hard earned money
Saurabh Prabhu
Joining your Technical Analysis course was one of my best financial decision. After completing your Technical Course, it has changed the Many of us invests lakhs of rupees in stock market but reluctant to pay few thousands in learning how to trade profitable stocks. — Khalid Saleem
Khalid Saleem​

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3rd Floor T-7 dsf Opp:Prince Hotel, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad-28
Ph: +91 81213 99673


+91 9397365921,8977170892, 81213 99673

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